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How to apply for a grant of probate

If someone you know has died, and you have been asked to deal with their affairs, you need to be able to prove that you have the legal right to do this.  Otherwise, you will run into difficulties when trying to access their bank accounts or sell their property and belongings.  The only way to […]

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Government scraps stamp duty for first-time buyers on properties bought for up to £300,000

The Chancellor recently announced that stamp duty would be scrapped for first-time buyers looking to purchase a property worth up to £300,000, and would be reduced for properties worth up to £500,000 to cater for buying in London and other expensive areas.  Susan Ward, residential conveyancing expert with Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire explains […]

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Family business and divorce

Building a family business usually takes many years of hard work, including long hours and late nights, and sometimes time spent out of the home on business trips.  Nowadays, there is no getting away from technology and weekends, holidays and relationships can be spoiled by constant demands on an entrepreneur’s attention.   Meanwhile, marriage and family […]

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The benefits of using mediation in your divorce

When you have taken the difficult step of deciding to separate or divorce, working out your future arrangements for children, property, maintenance payments and shared business interests can lead to a great deal of anguish. If you have not been able to come to an agreement by yourselves, it may well be in your interests […]

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Legal ways to reduce inheritance tax

Having worked hard throughout our lives, saved and invested carefully, we may wish to leave something to pass on to our children, loved ones and perhaps a charity that we support. Pam Hughes, wills and probate lawyer at Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire advises that there are many ways to reduce inheritance tax, but […]

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Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis

What should Ewan McGregor expect in his divorce settlement after a long marriage?

Recent reports that Ewan McGregor has filed for divorce from his wife Eve Mavrakis, after 22 years and four children together, may have come as a shock to the celebrity world but the length of their marriage beats the UK average which currently sees couples filing for divorce after 11.7 years. Angie Brown, family law […]

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The Divorce Robot

So the Court have announced a more automated service for the divorce process.  This at the same time as the Co-Op have launched their ’faceless’ divorce services online also.  Does this mean a better and more cost-effective service for divorcees? Angie Brown, Senior Solicitor at Mooney Everett says “I have seen this coming for a […]

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Angie Brown brings mediation to the family law team at Mooney Everett Solicitors

We are delighted to welcome Angie Brown to the family law team at Mooney Everett Solicitors. Angie is a qualified family solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in dealing with all manner of family law related issues, including divorce, financial settlements and negotiating arrangements for children. Angie is also a qualified inter-personal and Resolution Family […]

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