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A relationship breakdown can be one of the most distressing periods in a person’s life. Often, it is not only one person who feels the pain and distress, but others in the relationship and those connected with the relationship can also be drawn into an unfamiliar place that is filled with worry, uncertainty and can become overwhelming for all those involved. What started as a perfect relationship can seem a lifetime away when the problems become serious. Divorce and Civil partnership dissolution are possibly the most well-known areas of Family Law, but the implications of a separation reach much further and specialist legal advice should always be taken.

Family Law from Mooney Everett Solicitors

Family law disputes often include children in a divorce or separation. Child arrangements can form part of the initial separation and need handling sensitively, compassionately and most importantly, legally. If there are any welfare concerns or if children are at risk, then every measure needs to be taken to ensure their security and protection.

Family Law from Mooney Everett Solicitors

Following the break-up of a relationship, often there are financial matters to address. Where possible, a mutually acceptable agreement on the division of finances and assets is always the aim, but often this is a difficult area to reach agreement. Sometimes mediation can help “smooth” the way to an agreeable settlement, often resulting in a less stressful and more cost-effective process for all parties involved.

Family Law from Mooney Everett Solicitors

Mooney Everett Solicitors, based in Ormskirk, Lancashire are specialists in Family Law and have a team of experts that can give you confidential advice on any aspect of family law and the situation that you may be facing. The team speak in plain, jargon-free language and will discuss all options available to you and outlining the costs involved, helping to clear the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling. The Team can help in all areas of Family Law including:


Family Law from Mooney Everett Solicitors

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