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Mental capacity requirements to make a will

With debilitating conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s on the increase, the question of whether or not a person has mental capacity to make a will frequently arises. Pam Briscoe, wills and probate lawyer at Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire explains the rules. Assessing mental capacity Mental capacity, in the context of making a […]

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Agreeing arrangements for children amicably on divorce or separation

Whether you have just separated from your partner or are in the first throes of divorce proceedings, if you have children one of your initial concerns will be to make sure that you get to see them soon and as often as possible. Initially you will be concerned with short-term arrangements, but as the dust […]

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Varying a spousal maintenance order

If you are receiving spousal maintenance from your former husband, wife or civil partner you may be able to ask for an increase in payments if your circumstances have changed and your former spouse or partner can afford it. Danelle Foley, family law expert at Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire, explains the rules about […]

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Brainwave Bike Ride 4.4

Good luck to Simon on the 2017 Big Brainwave Bike Ride

On 19-21 May 2017 Simon Porter, litigation executive and keen cyclist at Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire is getting in the saddle once again, this time for the Big Brainwave Bike Ride. Joining Simon on the journey are his fellow Sefton Velo cycling club members Aidan McManus, Andrew Moore, Andrew Buchanan, Lee Purcell, Chris […]

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