Collaborative law

When divorcing, separating, or dissolving your civil partnership, the collaborative law process offers an alternative way to resolve family disputes amicably and outside of court. The process is non-confrontational, making it suitable for negotiating sensitive arrangements such as a prenuptial, pre-partnership or postnuptial agreement.

Helen Morgan, head of family law at Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, is a qualified collaborative lawyer and has helped many couples across West Lancashire to solve disputes over:

  • arrangements for children;
  • maintenance payments;
  • financial settlements;
  • ownership of business assets; and
  • property and pension sharing.

The collaborative approach works through discussions between you and your partner, with your solicitors and/or barristers present, in a non-confrontational environment. When appropriate, other professionals such as pension experts and financial advisors may also be invited to attend.

All those present, including the legal representatives, must sign an agreement committing to resolve the issues outside of court. Working together to come to an agreement can be more cost-effective than going to court and has many advantages, including:

  • legal support and advice throughout the process;
  • complex financial issues explained and discussed with experts;
  • control of your agreement, rather than ordered decisions by a judge;
  • negotiations at a pace that suits you and your family; and
  • avoiding going to court.

We can advise you on:

At Mooney Everett we explain things in plain English, free of any jargon. We will discuss all the options with you, outlining the costs involved from the outset, and we make sure that you are kept informed regularly.

For more information, contact Helen Morgan on 01695 574111 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required to make an appointment at our offices in Ormskirk. We also offer Skype meetings for private clients at a time that suits you.