Making a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial or a pre-partnership agreement is designed to protect your financial interests and set out how you would arrange your finances in the event of your marriage or civil partnership breaking down. Such an agreement is no longer the preserve of the super-wealthy, but is considered good sense if either member of a couple has assets that they wish to protect, such as a family business or property investments.

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The agreement will need to cover all your assets, including land, inherited wealth and business assets. It should also be flexible and anticipate any potential change in circumstances, for example, the birth of children or receipt of an inheritance.

Under the present laws in England and Wales, a correctly drawn-up agreement is one of the initial factors that a court would consider in the event of separation, when determining how finances and assets will be shared in the future.

Our experienced family law team can help you to negotiate your prenuptial agreement, and decide what it will include and cover. Our collaborative law service is an increasingly popular way for couples to negotiate the terms of their prenuptial agreement.

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