Making a will

The rich variety of family life can throw up a wide range of considerations when drafting your will. Without a will, your assets will be distributed according to the complicated intestacy rules and your loved ones may not be provided for in the way you wish. At Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, West Lancashire, our experienced lawyers have in-depth knowledge in all areas of wills and probate. We can help you create a will that is right for you and your family.

Making a will is sound financial planning for any family or individual. It is especially important if you are in a second marriage or have children from a previous relationship. Making a will allows you to decide who will inherit your property and assets, and who will care for your children and distribute any bequests.

You may want to leave a legacy to your favourite charity, make plans for your pets or set out your funeral wishes; all of which can be done when you make your will.

Remember, your will becomes invalid if you marry or get divorced after it is made. It is important to review and update your will regularly to reflect any change of circumstances.

At Mooney Everett our friendly lawyers will review all your assets, listen to your wishes and carefully draft your will accordingly. As part of our comprehensive service we will advise you on the use of trusts to protect and provide for children and other vulnerable beneficiaries. We will also advise you on the inheritance tax implications of your will and suggest tax-saving measures where appropriate.

We also provide a free wills storage facility at our offices.

At Mooney Everett we explain things in plain English, free of any jargon. We will discuss all the options with you, outlining the costs involved from the outset, and we make sure that you are kept informed regularly.

For confidential advice, contact Pam Hughes, head of the wills and probate team in Ormskirk, on 01695 574111 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required to arrange an initial appointment.  Alternatively, you can contact Gayle Owen at email hidden; JavaScript is required.  We also offer Skype meetings at a time that suits you.

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