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Wills and probate lawyer in Ormskirk, Lancashire

The risks of DIY probate

An increasing number of executors choose to deal with an estate themselves when a close relative dies, but is this really a wise move?  The reality is that probate is usually a complex process, even where the estate appears at first blush to be small and straightforward. If you take into account the feelings of […]

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Lending a friendly ear

Why you should use a lawyer to prepare your will

Making a will is one of the best things you can do to ensure your family are taken care of when you die and that your money, property and other belongings are passed on to the people or good causes you have chosen. To make a valid will there are certain requirements that need to […]

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Wills and probate lawyer i Ormskirk

Making financial gifts during your lifetime

In an earlier article, Pam Hughes, wills and probate specialist with Mooney Everett Solicitors in Ormskirk, Lancashire, explained how making gifts of money or property during your lifetime could help reduce the inheritance tax payable on your estate when you die.  In this article she looks at how making potentially exempt lifetime transfers, under what is known as […]

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Wills, probate and power of attorney – how we can help

To find out more about our wills and probate services, download our free brochure below. We explain how we can help you with the probate process including all necessary legal paperwork, finalising tax affairs and distributing your loved one’s estate. We also explain why making a will and power of attorney is so important, and […]

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